No. I do not work for Medicare. I am a licensed independent Health and Life agent. I volunteer over 100 hours annually partnering with Libraries and Community Centers all over West and Central Texas to teach Medicare and all of its moving parts to local retirees. I help individuals find the right Medicare/Retirement solution in the form of free individual consultations. 
No. I am a licensed Health and Life insurance agent. However, I truly believe that there is no one size fits all option with Medicare.  If you allow me to help you with the enrollment process for whatever plan you choose, I am able to be compensated by that plan with your permission. 
No. We understand that everyone and their mom is contacting you about your Medicare options at this time. We would be honored to help you with your retirement process. But you have to ask for it first! We will not reach out to you without your permission first. 
I was taught from a small age, whatever your hand finds to do; do it with all of your might. We always strive for excellence in everything we do. We will walk you through every step of the Medicare process and provide you with the resources necessary to make this process flawless. And we care... You may hear us say,  "You've got me in your back pocket for life!" and we mean it. When you work with us at Maichel Retirement Solutions, you can feel safe knowing you have an expert on your side.